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Tutoring is available in The Annex for students of all ages and levels. We cover all school subjects for grades JK to Grade 12. In addition, we help with many college and university courses.

Tutoring Programs

We are an award-winning tutoring services company that provides a wide range of Tutoring Programs. Besides subject-specific support, we also help Annex students learn academic strategies and improve Study Skills.

Our Tutors are qualified and knowledgeable in English, math, sciences, French and computers. They are also patient, personable, and with a passion for teaching.

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Annex Math Tutoring

Our Annex math tutors ensure that every child achieves their full potential. We create customized programs so that your child will improve grades and build confidence in math Elementary School Math, High School Math, Calculus, Functions, and more.

Annex  Science Subjects

Our expert science tutors first teach essential theoretical concepts. and then next explore problem-solving and practical applications. Students can get help for all science courses: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science. 

Annex English Tutoring

English communication skills are fundamental to success in all subjects. English tutoring will benefit almost all students, whether they need help keeping up in class, or simply want to improve their skills to achieve top marks. Our 1-on-1 English tutoring will teach basic to advanced skills in: ReadingWriting, and General English.

Annex French Tutoring

Our native speaker and bilingual tutors help students learn French quickly and easily.  Customized 1-on-1 tutoring is the ideal learning solution because it gets results fast. Our French tutoring will cover Speaking, Writing, Reading, Vocabulary and more.

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