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Best tutoring Toronto ?  How can you choose the best for your child?  Choosing the right tutoring service is certainly a challenging decision. With tutoring, “best” is only what is best for the individual student. Nevertheless, although everyone’s best may not be the same — there are some factors to consider that contribute to getting really great results from tutoring.

When Is Tutoring A Success?

How can we recognize when tutoring is a success? First of all, quality tutoring should improve academic performance. In addition, it should also improve a student’s self-efficacy. Clearly, in terms of learning, what efficacy means is that a student is able to learn more effectively. With increased confidence, a student will believe in their own ability to succeed.

Ingredients for Tutoring Success

Learning Tree Tutors has identified several key ingredients that consistently make for successful tutoring. We use this knowledge to get successful learning outcomes. Some benefits of working with our company are:

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  •  Subject Expertise – We provide  tutors who are expert in their academic content – they know their subject’s concepts, ideas and problems inside and out. Tutors who love their subject inspire and make learning relevant to students’ interests.
  • Relationships –  We understand that personal relationships are foundational to student success. That is why Learning Tree Tutors selects tutors who are caring, patient and personable. They build connections and rapport with students and families.  We know that the more connected a student feels to their tutor, the more likely it is that they will learn well.

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Learning Environment and Strategies

We provide an optimal environment and customized tutoring for best learning.

  • 1-on-1 Tutoring – With private tutors each student has the full attention of their personal mentor at all times. We are not an after-school drop-in centre where one tutor may end up coping with a diverse group of children.
  • Personalized Learning – We offer customized tutoring  which provides the benefits that standardized programs cannot. Our tutors understand the concept of unique learning styles and needs. Our students get lessons that are tailored to their individual needs. There is no “one-size-fits-all.” Similarly. We don’t set standard materials that tutors are required to use. This is because we have qualified  teachers and professionals who can work independently.
  • Convenience -Lessons  can be at-home, online  or at another location. Schedule arranged at convenient times.

Tutoring Awards and Recognition

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In addition to the many advantages of working with Learning Tree Tutors outlined above, please also consider the awards and recognition we have received in the community.

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