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French tutoring at Learning Tree Tutors helps students at all levels learn French quickly and easily.  Our customized 1-on-1 tutoring is the ideal learning solution. Absolutely no other method will get better or faster results. We provide French tutoring for children Grades JK to 12. In addition, we also teach adults who want to learn French.

Our students almost always do exceptionally well, developing strong skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Why such great results? One reason is that our tutors are native speakers or bilingual and have FSL language teaching qualifications and experience.  Perhaps the important reason, however,  is that we develop individual, customized learning programs tailored to the individual student.

French Tutoring for Children – Core French,  French Immersion Tutoring, Online French

Learning Tree Tutors assists students who are studying in a variety of French as a Second Language Programs.  Specifically, we provide tutoring for  Core French, Extended French, and French Immersion In addition, we also are able to assist Francophone students for les Cours de Français at Toronto French schools.

Unquestionably our tutoring programs build a solid foundation for students in fundamental language skills. Above all, we are aware that students need to hear, see, and use French in meaningful and appropriate contexts.  We therefore focus on developing essential skills as follows:

  • Speaking – Oral communication
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing and spelling
  • Vocabulary development

Our French tutors also assist students with assignments, test preparation and general homework help. For French Immersion Tutoring, moreover, we provide strong support helping children become bilingual when parents do not speak French at home as a 1st language.

French Tutoring For University

French tutors for university courses provide help for improving language skills. In addition, our tutors  provide academic support for courses about French literature, history  and culture.

Tutoring For Adults

Private tutoring is  the perfect solution for adults who may need convenient lesson schedules.  We can definitely help if you want to learn French for travel or for personal interest.  Similarly, we can also assist if you need to be bilingual for employment.

It’s Good to Be Bilingual in Canada

There is no doubt that French fluency is a highly desirable accomplishment, especially if you are living in a Canadian environment.  For this reason Ontario encourages students to learn French as a second language. Consequently, there is no better time than now to consider learning, refreshing or upgrading your French language skills. So give us a call to get started!french immersion


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