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All Subjects and Levels – School and University

Online tutoring is available at Learning Tree Tutors for school Grades JK to 12 as well as for core university subjects. This includes English, French, computer coding and math tutoring.

Many parents are looking for alternatives to improve student learning outcomes because they are concerned  about the negative effects of COVID-19 emergency on their child’s education. How can we help? Our expert tutors are available for lessons online anytime, anywhere even during Ontario school closures. In addition, we will continue offering remedial tutoring throughout the summer to close learning gaps and get students back on track academically.

online tutoring

Online Tutoring –  A Valuable Learning Tool

Learning online delivers the same high- quality experience as our regular in-home tutoring. Not only that – there are some benefits.  What are some advantages ? Well, first of all, location is not a problem. No matter where you live, we can find an excellent  tutor for you or your child. Learning can take place almost  anywhere, anytime. In addition,  online teaching can make your life easier. For example, this option opens up more time slots and therefore  it is easier to fit tutoring into your schedule..

Why Learn Online with Learning Tree Tutors? 

Whether we teach 1-on-1 online or in-person the same process applies.  We match students are matched with the best possible tutor. Every student receives customized tutoring and support. Contact us to see if there is an affordable tutoring package to meet your needs,

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