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Physics tutoring at Learning Tree Tutors helps students develop an in-depth understanding of the laws of physics.  Most of our students do exceptionally well, both improving their grades and building confidence. Why do we get such great results, and why find a physics tutor with us? The first reason is because we provide 1-on-1 in-home tutoring. Another reason is that we develop individual, customized learning programs. Finally, the most important reason may be that our tutors are experts in their field who love to teach others about their subject.

Best Physics Tutors

Our best tutors  have graduate or postgraduate qualifications in their subject. You can therefore be confident that your tutor is qualified to give the academic assistance needed so that the student maintains high grades while taking on the toughest academic courses.


How We Help With Customized Tutoring

 Whether you’re interested in online or in-person physics tutoring, every student can  benefit from the 1-on-1 attention they will receive. First of all, our tutor makes an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a new student.  Next, they design a customized tutoring plan for teaching the concepts that the student needs to master.  Finally, our tutor creates a caring, encouraging, and stress-free environment that helps kids learn.

Our Toronto tutors not only help with homework, review for tests, or correct learning gaps but our expert tutors also can challenge high-achievers with learning enhancement.  To sum up, our customized tutoring strategy ensures that every student can achieve their full potential.

Physics Tutoring for All Levels

Learning Tree Tutors provides academic support at all levels. We help students not only understand the fundamental concepts of physics but also learn to work independently on problem solving.

High School Physics Tutoring

Our high school tutors provide help with Ontario Curriculum physics topics such as the following: Kinematics, Forces, Energy Transformations, Mechanical waves and Sound, and Electricity and Magnetism.

Physics Tutoring Help for High School Courses

  • Grade 11 PhysicsSPH3U: Physics, University
  • Grade 12 Physics – SPH4U: Physics, University. SPH4C: Physics, College.

University Physics Tutoring

University physics tutors offer academic assistance with 1st year university and many advanced courses.    Above all, don’t feel overwhelmed by university assignments because we can help by finding you the right tutor.

Clearly, no matter what the current level or ability of the student is–Learning Tree Tutors will find a physics tutor in Toronto who able to help– just call us now!

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