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Academic Coaching Helps Students Reach Goals

Study skills tutoring 1-on-1 with a personal academic coach helps students develop better strategies for learning. Why would most students benefit from help? Well, clearly it is evident that good students possess certain skills that allow them to manage their studies more effectively than others.  Unfortunately, however, study skills are rarely taught directly in school and so many students will never achieve their potential without guidance.

Our study skills tutoring program looks at the underlying issues why students underachieve.   As a result, our academic coaching focuses on guiding students toward more effective strategies for school work rather than teaching subject or course content.

What Academic Coaching Will Do

Academic coaching for your child will have a positive impact on academic success.  First of all, we start by assigning an expert academic mentor who will assess problems, discuss priorities and then develop a customized learning plan. Next, the coach will teach the best ways to study  and achieve goals.  Finally, our coach will work collaboratively with your child to apply learning strategies to the current school workload.

Customized Lessons and In-Home Tutoring

Our academic coaches focus on the process of learning as opposed to teaching subject content. All  tutoring is 1-on-1 and sessions are customized . Through regular support, our mentors can help students develop and practice the study skills that are essential for academic success in school and university.

Study Skills Tutoring- Focus Areas

Our focus is on study skills and organizational skills development. Successful independent learning usually involves one or more of the following skills

  • Planning and setting goals
  • Organization and time management
  • Assignment tracking and homework completion
  • Effective reading skills
  • Note-taking strategies
  • Memorization techniques
  • Test-taking strategies

Our coaches understand these skills and effectively teach them through developing  positive and supportive mentoring relationships.

Academic Coaching –  Other Academic Services

  • Help with essay writing including organization and development of ideas
  • Assistance with the preparation of personal statements for entrance to university programs. (See Information at University of Toronto)

Your child can learn the skills required to achieve academic success at school and university. Contact us now!


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