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Summer tutoring is the ideal solution to keep kids motivated and their minds sharp. Vacation time is the ideal time for both remedial help and learning enhancement. This year tutoring is especially  important due to the Covid-19 disruption to education and student learning at all levels.

Our award-winning tutoring service provides 1-on-1 in-home tutoring for English, Math, French, Sciences, Reading, Writing,, Study Skills, and Coding/Computer Skills. Schedules can be flexible to accommodate trips, vacations and all other activities.

Let’s look at some of the really important benefits of summer tutoring for children..

Summer Tutoring Prevents Learning Loss 

First of all the major benefit of tutoring during vacation break times is to prevent learning loss.  Research clearly has shown that there is a risk the average student will experience significant loss in knowledge and skills over over the summer. For example, academic testing often shows a loss as much as 25% (of recent learning) by taking a summer break between June and September. Just a modest amount of time spent on summer learning can prevent summer “learning slide” or the learning loss that occurs without regular learning reinforcement.

For some research on learning loss See research article from BrookingsSummer Learning Loss–What Is It and What Can We do About It?

Get Ready for School in September

Another benefit of summer tutoring is that it gives your kids a “heads-up” for the new school year. Working with our tutors will strengthen academic foundations and increase student confidence. The great news is that students entering school in September with prior knowledge of the curriculum achieve much higher grades. This year -due to the Coronavirus school closures, it is advisable to spend time in assessing and correcting learning gaps before starting a new school year

 Customized Learning

Learning Tree Tutors develops personalized learning plans for each student. Customized instruction is developed based on our assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and learning style of the child. We provide qualified and personable teachers and specialist tutors who have appropriate academic degrees and certifications.

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