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Test preparation tutoring provides students with the “test prep” skills and effective study skills needed to succeed . Tests are an important part in determining a student’s grades and can even determine which university a student will be accepted into. We help students with most general and subject-specific tests for school and college. Certainly ee help with the The most popular tests EQAO and OSSLT – but we can also help with many other tests such as SSAT, GED and IELTS.

Test Preparation Help – Build Confidence and Reduce Anxiety

Tutoring can help with test anxiety. We provide personalized guidance and targeted practice so that students will learn the best strategies to achieve results.  Practice tests are an essential part of test preparation. since practice leads to improvement. Test anxiety is a very real thing and so the only way to deal with it is to develop the tools needed for test-taking success.

What Is EQAO ?

Test Preparation for EQAO

EQAO tests measure students’ overall knowledge of core skills based on the Ontario Curriculum.  First,at the end of Grade 3 EQAO assesses Reading, Writing and Math skills students have studied  in Grades 1 to 3. Next, at the end of Grade 6, EQAO assesses Reading, Writing and Math skills that students have learned in Grades 4 to 6. Finally, the Grade 9 EQAO Mathematics test measures the skills students have learned by Grade 9. Schools administer different versions of the test for the academic and the applied math courses.

Our customized EQAO tutoring program helps to increase student confidence and provides students with the core skills they need to succeed in the EQAO tests.

What is the OSSLT?

Test Preparation for OSSLT

OSSLT -The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is sometimes known as EQAO 10. This is the test that Grade 10 students take that measures whether they meet the minimum reading and writing standards. This means adequate literacy demonstrated across all subjects up to the end of Grade 9. Students therefore need to complete and pass the test in order to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Students who fail can repeat the test in Grade 11 and 12.

Although the OSSLT is challenging for many students, our tutors will provide techniques and methods in handling reading and writing questions to help your child prepare for this test effectively.


What Is the GED test?


Test Preparation for the GED

GED – The General Education Development test establishes a high school equivalency standard  throughout Canada and USA. Anyone who meets the passing GED test score requirement can receive a Certificate of High School Equivalency or General Education Diploma. This certifies that they have achieved high school level academic skills. The GED exam covers five subject areas English/We have expert specialist tutors in all subject areas for GED tutoring.

How can test preparation tutoring help? Definitely , subject knowledge is certainly important, but our tutoring can also help students develop test-taking skills and build confidence. Now is the time to decide on 1-on-1 tutoring with Learning Tree Tutors to achieve academic success. Don’t hesitate – call today

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