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Learning Tree Tutors provides excellent tutors who are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals in school and in university.  We look for private tutors who are passionate about teaching, because we know they will inspire students with their enthusiasm for learning.  Clearly 1-on-1 tutoring works best when great tutors engage and motivate students.

Private Tutors – Qualifications

Our team consists of certified teachers, candidates completing their Faculty of Education requirements, Early Childhood Education specialists, and specialists with graduate/postgraduate qualifications in STEM disciplines and other subject fields. Every private tutor is familiar with the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Guidelines.  

Before joining our team, qualified tutors receive background checks and verification of qualifications. We monitored our tutors to ensure continued quality and we encourage client feedback.

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Excellent Tutors – Good Communication Skills, Caring and Supportive

To find an excellent tutor for your child, Learning Tree Tutors considers many factors in order to find the best match. We will find a tutor who doesn’t just have the right academic qualifications, but who also has excellent people skills. Why is this important? This is important because a student needs to develop good rapport with their tutor for optimal learning. Because of thist, we consider personal factors and communication style when matching students and tutors. Above all, we want great tutors who are caring and supportive who can build relationships with both students and families.

Find a Tutor in Toronto with Learning Tree Tutors

There is an easy and quick process to get you started (See details on the How It Works – Get Started With Tutoring page). Everything starts when you first contact us. First, we consult with you to learn about the following: academic goals, learning style, desired times, online or in-person tutoring. Next, we recommend select a Toronto tutor who is the right fit in terms of subject expertise and personal factors.

Above all, we aim to create a flexible, convenient and effective solution.  Selecting an appropriate package and payment plan is simple, and there are no contracts or registration fees.

ONLINE and IN-HOME Tutoring

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