Best Tutoring and Quality Service

Guarantee at Learning Tree Tutors means we make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction.  We therefore provide excellent tutors and best quality tutoring  services.

Moreover, our company accommodates all reasonable requests for changes in programs or tutors.

Learning Tree Tutors provides guarantee as follows :

  • First -We provide academically qualified tutors for the student
  • Second – Purchased hours do not expire but may be  subject to current price changes after 6 months.   Students can transfer hours to a family member if they are unable to continue the program.
  • Third- If not completely satisfied after 2 sessions, a student may ask for a refund. Note that refunds are for unused tutoring hours. (This offer is valid up to 30 days from the date of purchase).
  • Finally- In exceptional cases where a refund is considered and given after 2 sessions there will be a $25.00 processing fee charged and discounts will be adjusted.

Note that no guarantee can be given that a student will achieve a specific grade or test score.

For additional questions regarding tutoring services, please refer to the questions on the Tutoring FAQ page

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