Tutoring  Plans – Economical Discount Packages

 We provide affordable tutoring rates without  sacrificing quality. You get a discount on hourly tutoring rates when  you purchase a package .   In simple terms, our regular students who purchase more hours get   the best rates. (Note that you may be able to purchase a few trial hours).


 ONLINE Tutoring Rates

 Costs can be as little as $140.00 per month or $35/hr. for   a  weekly online lesson.

  • Online Basic Rate – $35/hr. for 10 hour package
  • Online Special Subjects – French/Math/Sciences-$38/hr. for 10 hour package
  • Online Advanced Level – $40/hr. for 10 hour package 

 IN-PERSON and In-Home Tutoring Rates

 Rates vary according to Subject and Grade level. Availability of in-home tutoring depends on your location. Best  discount is offered to students purchasing more hours and having longer lessons.  We can give you a custom quote to find you the most suitable package and payment plan.

10 hour Package15 hour package20 Hour Package
Gr JK to 4 – primary
1 hour session
$50 per hour$45 per hour$45 per hour
Gr 5 to 12- general
Minimum 1 ½ hours
$48 per hour$45 per hour$43 per hour
Math/STEM Gr 7-10
Minimum 1 ½ hours
$50 per hour$48 per hour$45 per hour
Math/STEM Gr 11-12
Minimum 1 ½ hours
$55 per hour$50 per hour$48 per hour
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